Welcome to Panomar Bull Terriers

PANOMAR - What's in a name

  PANO - from Panorama where Marianne lived in the earlier years.

  MAR - the first three letters of Marianne's name.

Registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA)

koppiesWith a reception out of the ordinary and a heart of gold, you are welcomed by Marianne on her sheep farm Kapgat, which is in the heart of the Hantam Karoo between Calvinia and Sutherland, surrounded by little ‘koppies’ – tranquility extraordinaire. The chances are very good that one of her free roaming bull terriers will be the first to greet you and this will definitely makes you feel at home.

Marianne’s passion and love for bull terriers shows throughout her house and it is a great privilege to experience the homely atmosphere.  She is one of the well known bull terrier breeders in South Africa and is very proud of what she has achieved in her 25 years of breeding high quality Bull Terriers with their loving and excellent temperament.  Family comes first and her bull terriers dogs are constantly in and around the house with lots of personal attention and love.

abu on chairThe success and quality she got through dedication and hard work and can be seen in the bullies interacting with each other, children and other people.  When the bull terrier puppies are for sale, potential owners get to meet the whole Bully family which is really a great WOW especially if you are not familiar or unsure with the breed and choice. The baby room is the coziest place in the house with Marianne’s bed next to it; keeping a watchful eye on the litter all the time.  This is where you will meet the young ones to pick your favorite. Also make sure to visit the gallery to browse through the bull terrier pictures. Marianne will also recommend someone for bull terrier training.  You will also notice Mariane does not use a bull terrier harnass, but prefer a rope which hangs losely around the neck.

 Give Marianne a call and make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime; to own one of the most adorable bully of all bullies.


Images from Kapgat

Panoramic view from koppie with homestead in the foreground


The homestead from the koppie with the kennels on the left.


Koppie behind homestead